We offer bi-weekly or weekly organic produce shares range from $50-$60 each share, organic juice shares and extra fruit shares are also available

If for any reason pick up is not convenient for you we offer delivery for a small additional fee

In addition to our biweekly produce shares we also offer specialty items to our members

We feel that every family should be provided with the convenience and affordability to supply healthy organic foods to themselves and their family members. We are here to help make that happen.

Having a party or special event order your produce in bulk from us and save money

"I just joined the buying club and I am so happy with the quality and assortment, I can't wait to pick up my next share. . Everything was just perfect!"
- Jean Mitto 
Want to do something special for newlyweds?
Why not give them a gift certificate for 6 months or a year of our produce share. It is the gift of health that will keep giving and you will be remembered for it.
Imagine if you are newly married and receive a gift that will stock your refrigerator with wonderful organic produce twice a month!A great start to a healthy marriage and a very thoughtful give that is sure to be remembered for a long time to come.
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