We are a organic produce buying club serving many areas of Florida.
Because of our buying power, we are able to bring wonderful quality farm fresh produce to our members at a great price!
We buy USDA Certified Organic Foods, with a focus on supporting local growers!
A few reasons to buy organic

-Grown without synthetic pesticides
-Grown without synthetic fertilizers
-Not genetically modified 
-Healthier for the environment and you
-Better tasting and better quality
-Click here for 10 more reasons
Purchase your produce bi-weekly or monthly.
For $45 you will receive approximately 20-35 lbs of fresh certified organic produce.
Pick up at a host location near you or ask if delivery is available in your area.
*Ask us how you can get your produce for free*
Special Occasion? Order in bulk from us and save even more money
We offer a wide variety of fresh in season organic fruits, vegetables and specialty items to choose from. 
Whether it's for a special occasion, party or you are just in need of a larger quantity of any item we are here to help you. Our goal is to have every single member stay happy and healthy!